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Some rules to be aware of

This is a FAMILY-ORIENTATED cottage. There are to be absolutely NO parties or events and NO outside noise after 11 pm. We need to respect the neighbors. Failure to do so could and most likely will result in the neighbors calling the police and you being evicted off the property with no refund

  • Check-in: After 4:00 p.m.

  • Checkout: 11:00 a.m.

  • Self-check-in with keypad

  • No smoking

  • Pets are allowed upon owners' approval

  • No parties or events


We recommend bringing indoor shoes or slippers

- No smoking inside, please. Please do not toss cigarette buds on-premises.
- No additional guests outside of booking.
- The toilet is not a garbage bin
- If you move it, put it back
- If you turn it on, turn it off
- If you make a mess, clean it
- Please respect check-in and check-out times
- Please don't eat or drink in the bedrooms
- Please respect the noise curfew
- BBQ propane tank is supplied but must be filled by you if empty


According to the Kawartha Lakes Bylaw, absolutely NO parties and NO outside noise after 11 pm and before 11 am. Failure to do so could and most likely will result in the neighbors calling the police and you being evicted off the property with no refund

The owner and neighbors kindly ask you to respect no nudity outside of the cottage.


  • The hot tub allows up to 6 persons to be inside.

  • Ensure that the hot tub cover is replaced immediately after getting out so as to keep the heat in and to conserve energy as heating costs are high.

  • Never leave it uncovered when not in use.

  • Please do your absolute best to only wear bathing suits in the hot tub. Clothes create a large amount of foam in the tub. 

  • No food or drinks can be used in the hot tub. Only plastic caps with water are allowed. No glass or any other type of beverage. Make sure you are very careful to not drop objects in the tub, especially cigarettes, slices of lemon or lime, or paper towels, they will plug up the jets. If the jets and/or filters get plugged up and hot tub maintenance is required to unplug them and or get the water clear again, you will be charged for these repairs from your damage/security deposit.

  • It is extremely important the hot tub remains running at all times, do not turn off the power button.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: the path to the hot tub and the stairs to enter it may be really slippery. You must be extra careful when entering or exiting it. Please use both of your hands to help you while entering or leaving it. This cannot be stressed enough.

Garbage is to be placed in garbage bags (provided) and stored safely in the two large garbage bins outside so that animals cannot get into them. Please keep the garbage bins area clean. All the garbage should be disposed of when you leave to avoid a 100$ fee

There are strict rules with regard to septic systems. Failure to follow these rules may result in thousands of dollars in repairs and unpleasant moments for you.

  • Only bodily waste materials and toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet


  • Do not put any solid waste materials or grease down the sink drains

The cottage is using drilled well water that is perfect for day-to-day use, however, you may wish to bring your own drinking water.

Small campfires are permitted as directed by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Please identify and adhere to local fire bans when imposed by local authorities (especially during dry/fire season). Do not burn plastic, tin cans, glass, or any other items that should not be in the fire. Always drown out your fire with plenty of water when left unattended, in particular before going to bed.

If you plan on having any additional guests, you must request permission from the owner.

There is a refundable 1000$ damage deposit required. It will be returned when you leave the cottage. 

If there are any noise complaints from the neighbors and/or if the Police are called to the cottage for any negative reason, the owner will have the right to hold back some or all of your damage deposit. Some of this money held back may or may not go to appease the neighbors who have been inconvenienced.​

The lake is a man-made lake. It is also controlled by people. With that said, the lake may be higher than normal or lower than normal. This may affect your boat docking or other water activities. The majority of the lake is weedy because it's man-made. Please take this into consideration. There is a great swimming beach 3 minutes away.

The landscape is always changing. This is due to the property being on a lakefront and dealing with rain, water, snow, ice, and wind. So keep this in mind if you see that there is something different with the property and the pictures.

If guests are suspected of carrying and/or using illegal drugs of any kind, the authorities will be engaged, and GUESTS WILL BE ASKED TO VACATE THE PROPERTY IMMEDIATELY. Lastly, it is also our home, please be respectful of the property and keep it clean before you leave. (Respect our property and our things).

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